SUV Car Hire

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Hire an SUV Sports Utility Vehicle from 1000's of locations worldwide.
Rent an SUV for space comfort.
From Manual, Stick Shift or Automatic, Petrol or Diesel.
Example of vehicles in this category are: Cadillac Escalade, Ford Escape, and Jeep Grand Cherokee
These vehicles are so good for seeing everything as the visability from the cab is great. The high ride height of the car gives everyone a chance to see what's going on outside. They are very comfortable for a groups on a sports holidays and for all the families.

Vehicle List

  • Cadillac Escalade

    Cadillac Escalade*

  • Ford Escape

    Ford Escape*

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Jeep Grand Cherokee*

*Vehicles are provided by group only. Vehicles are shown by suppliers as examples only. Vehicle type or colour can not be guaranteed.